Bröd, Framtid och Insekter

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Ett annat projekt jag är mycket stolt över att ha produktionslett innan jag gick vidare från Edelman Deportivo:
Det underbara samarbetet med å ena sidan SNÖBY produktion och å andra sidan fotograf Carl Kleiner för Brödinstitutet.


Mattanter från framtiden och ljuvliga inspirerande mackor med insekter och larver.


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Under min tid på Edelman Deportivo gjorde jag många roliga och knäppa projekt, men kanske tar det här för IQ priset: Vår interaktiva film där du kan testa hur många glas det är lämpligt att ha innanför västen innan sex. Regisserad, kastad och i mycket uppstryk av mig, tillsammans med State Interactive och briljanta kollegorna  på Edelman Deportivo – needless to say. Gå till Liggometern!

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Creating Impact

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After a wonderful year at Edelman Deportivo I´m sad to leave but happy to pack up my stuff at the Film and Tell office.

Film and Tell is a production company working to create real change. Through great documentaries and extensive outreach campaigns we work to change opinions and laws. As an producer of outreach it´s on my job to make that change happen.

I kicked off my new role with an extensive workshop lab produced by Britdoc foundation . During a full packed week in a snow-covered Finland we dived in to how to make your project make a real impact on society and the new role of the Impact Producer.





The never ending stories of Reach for Change

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Another beautiful project I´m proud to have worked with at Edelman Deportivo! To highlight the efforts of the many entrepreneurs working to make the world a better world for children, we built a website fueled by dreams and produced this film about The Gaberiella rehabilitation center´s work to make life better for children suffering from mental disabilities in Tanzania.

Röster från bänken

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“Röster från Bänken” – vår film för UNICEFs viktiga kampanj med samma namn. Läs mer på och skriv under UNICEFs krav om klagorätt för barn. Filmen är inspelad dokumentärt i centrala Stockholm med självaste Michael Nyqvists egen V.O. Musik av Block 44.


New Beginnings part 2

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Shouting it out loud: As of today I´m officially employed as director at Edelman Deportivo. So very proud to be part of such a creative, brilliant and friendly team. These films about Swedish athletes for is my first assignement for ED. Even more pleased to have collaborated with the one and only Thelma/Lousie produktion in making them. More to come…


New beginnings!

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So pleased to announce the beginning of a beautiful friendship between yours truly and Edelman Deportivo.  We kick it off with this film: Alla har en dröm / Stefan Holm

GAMING to the end of the world.

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Doesn´t this just sound like the place to be?

International Kansk Video Festival (Russia/Siberia) is not a conventional film festival. It is an experiment in time and space. The small Siberian city of Kansk, was found on the Internet by chance and selected as its name correlates with the Cannes Film Festival, Kansk in the Russian language is pronounced the same as Cannes.

Since 2002 in the depths of Siberia the festival happens annually. Far way from the Côte d`Azur to the severe Taiga climate, 7000 km from London, 4500 km from Moscow and 300 km from Krasnoyarsk by ‘Irons Road’, and the Trans-Siberian Railway. In an area full of wonderful and brave Siberian people, pelmeni, cedar nuts, even buses reminiscent to the old school buses of a long lost Soviet a place full magic.

The Kansk Video festival has grown immeasurably from it’s 2002 beginnings, each year it hosts an international jury from the industry and artistic communities, running international film and video-art competitions with a special screenings program and a bank of ideas for a further 150 years of the festivals future. The festival promotes new names of independent and uncompromising video and filmmakers, new genres, new cinema trends.

Hoping that the film that has toured the world from Sao Paulo to Siberia will one day conquer Europe too.