Time out of Place (Tid ur Led)

February 24, 2011  |  Fiction, FILMS  |  Share


Time out of place is a poetic piece about the relativity of time. A dream where the present and past intertwine and create a whole new reality.

Cast: Emma Warg, Elin Lycke, Leo Boonstra, Eva Rexed, Per Grytt, Johannes Bah Kuhnke, Andreas Boonstra et al.

Script/Directed by: Ylva Forner
Cinematography: Ellen Kugelberg
Music: Lisa Lindal
Produced by: Hysteria Film, Malla Grapengiesser

With support from: The Swedish Film Institute, Filmbasen Stockholm, The Swedish Arts Council. With the collaboration from Dagsljus and Stockholm Post Production.

Highlighted screenings: Gothenburg International Film Festival 2010.

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